Our Story

In May of 2008, our family went to watch Colton Sales show Pygmy Goats at the Auburn, California Fairgrounds.  We were surprised how adorable the Pygmy Goats were and fell in love instantly.  JJ, our son, sat in the pen with two Pygmies Larry and Val!  We were hooked!  We did not have an enclosure or any information on what we needed for the Pygmies.  We were given a list of materials from Carrie Sales, B/C Pygmys, and Nicollett Bowler, Bowler Farms, and met some of the nicest people.  We purchased B/C Pygmys Larry and Val.  We left with our list of materials needed and a spirit of adventure! It sure has been just that!   

We built a pen between the Master bedroom and JJ's bedroom, so we could watch our new family members.  I went looking for a larger enclosure and found a Children's playhouse at Backyard Unlimited in Rocklin, CA.  This was the beginning of the future of Griffiths Pygmy Goats.  We now have eight separate large fenced area's!

JJ began in 4H in the fall of 2009.  We met Michelle Fonda and our learning program began.  What to feed, how much, diseases, maintenance, bathing, grooming, breeding, and the Pygmy show schedule began.  Our first show was Cloverdale 2009. 

In May 2009, at the Placerville Pygmy Show a "Magical Moment" happened.  I met my Mentor and Idol, Linda Henwood of Whirlwind Farms. I had read her story about Merlin and loved her from the minute I met her. We both love In and Out burgers!

National Convention 2009, I learned grooming and showing techniques. I met so many wonderful people and this solidified my love for the Pygmy Goat World! Linda Henwood, Linda Shipley, Michelle Fonda and I shared stories on the drives to Convention site, and the nights at the Spa with new friends were not only entertaining but informational! And again, Linda Henwood was the highlight when "Something Special" happened!

                                 I fell deeply in LOVE with Pygmies!

An amazing moment happened on Wednesday, March 24, 2010. With the guidance, coaching and confidence given by Michelle Fonda, Valkyries', I delivered my first two kids all by myself!!  I will be eternally grateful for this experience. There is no more special feeling than giving birth and life! Thank you Michelle for all the Coaching. I was prepared.

A special Thank you to Nic Everett for the lovely pictures of my Ribbon Winners!

Thank you Linda Colville, Desert Suns Pygmies, for putting together this site for our Griffiths Pygmies Goat Family. 


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