Griffiths Pygmies

Vaccination and Maintenance Schedule


Pygmy 0-12 Months:                       Medication                                                                     

Birth                                                                            Bose

5-7  weeks                                                                   Sulfa Di Methox 40%

6 weeks                                                                        Worm with Panacur/Safeguard paste, repeat 7-21 days as needed

6-8 weeks                                                                     CD&T or Covexin 8, Calvary 9

every 60 days 1st 12 months                                     Bose

9 weeks                                                                          Sulfa Di Methox 40% if needed

10-12 weeks                                                                  2nd CD&T, Covexin 8, Calvary 9

12 weeks                                                                         Worm with Ivomec SQ/ Valbazen/Safeguard/Panacur as needed by Fecal Exam

13 weeks                                                                         Sulfa Di Methox 40% If needed

13-15 weeks                                                                   3rd CD&T or Covexin 8

8-10 months                                                                  4th CD&T or Covexin 8

one week later                                                               Worm with wormer of your choice

12 months                                                                       Rabies- must be given by your Veterinarian

Pygmy Over 1 Year:                       

every 3 months                                                             Worm with Ivomec SQ/Valbazen/Safeguard/Panacur as needed

every 3 months                                                              Bose Injectable

every 3 months                                                               A&D Vitamin (Wethers and Bucks)

every 6 months                                                               A&D Vitamin (Doe's)

every year for life                                                           CD&T or Covexin 8, Calvary 9

Pygmy Breeding Doe's:

30 days before breeding                                              CD&T, Covexin 8, Calvary 9

                                                                                           Bose- make certain she is current

                                                                                            Worm-(No Valbazen this can cause birth defects) based on Fecal

30 days before kidding                                              

                                                                                CD&T or Covexin 8

                                                                                              Worm-(No Valbazen this can cause birth defects) based on Fecal

day of kidding                                                                    Worm Doe

Bucks/Wethers:                                      If your feed does not contain Ammonium Chloride

daily mixed in feed                                                           Ammonium Chloride- be careful not to overdose this medication

                                                                                             1/4 tsp. per 10 lbs body weight

Some herds will in addition to the above vaccination schedule need to consider giving J-5, E-Coli, and Leptospirosis.  Check with your Veterinarian as to the dose and necessity of these vaccines.

Coccidia Treatment/Prevention Dosage: Coccidia treatment and frequent worming of your goats may not be required.  The only way to be certain of your individual animals requirements is to have a fecal exam performed on each animal.