Where did you get that? 


If you do not find something you are looking for to help you with your Showing/Kidding Pygmy Goats,

Please call me!

(916) 801-0150 cell

I love helping new people


This page is in no Way a substitution for Veterinary Advice

Please consult your Veterinarian for proper doses and applications!


~Kathy's Kidding Kit~

Plastic Tub

Costco and Sam's Club sell in in a set of three for a great price!

You can clean up some other storage issues also???


Let's take off the Lid!!

Easy to grab, supplies stay clean, transportable to Show's!


Electric Dehorner Model 55a

Model L5-D1

I use this one for touch up's!




Your Veterinarian will go over when, where and how much to use

Most Farms Supplies carry this product


~Plastic Chain~
Great for moving goats at Shows
I use double sided metal clips on both ends
www.Stanchion Depot.com
EquiCross Plastic Chain 8mm 2" Bag of 50'
EQ8MM50PU Color: White
great selection of colors
I cut 5' sections per goat

Rectal Thermometer

I got mine at Rite Aid

Great for checking temp's when the Veterinarian asks this question!


Maggidan's Mini's Milker

919 596-0984
This is truly a life saver!!!


 Heat Lamp

I started with Metal Brood Lamps from the feed store

Lamp is Item Number 557000

Bulb is Item Number 557003

~Premier Sheep Supplies, Ltd.~

2031 300th Street, Washington, IA 52353

(800) 282-6631


Umbilical Spray

Most Farms Supplies carry this product

(Yes, It's purple and mine is well used!!!)